'live your life' (or 'lyl') is an advanced 400+ word count, real life role play set in the city of snowfall,texas. if you're going to join please ensure that you have read the rules and plot before you register and join us. if you have any questions feel free to pm one of the staff or ask in the cbox. please don't forget to time stamp your threads.

setting: april/may

late spring is in season and fields are covered in flowers of all different hues. the air is warming up though there are still going to be some heavy rainstorms littering about but those will probably show up as the sun sets.

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May 8th

Live Your Life is officially open to the public so feel free to register and snoop around. Welcome guesties and all~ If you have any questions please direct them towards the admins.

skin by mordecai of candyland couture, edits made by batman. mini profile by sid vicious from shine. all informational templates are by burn it down baby from a thousand fireflies. member directory, application and face claim by louis of shine. images made by batman eclusively for 'live your life.' all other content is by the site admins as well as it's members so please do not steal.
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 Posted: Apr 28 2014, 06:43 PM





1. We don't talk about Fight Club.

2. Register in first middle last, all caps, like that. But don't sweat it if you get it wrong, because you can fix it yourself on your control panel. It's a link right under the one for avatar settings. You don't need staff approval, just go ahead and change it. It's pretty great.

3. We do not have an official word count, but we do highly encourage 400 words at least. We're always looking to expand our family, but we do have a standard of writing ability we keep. This doesn't mean you have to write a ton every time, not at all! All we ask is that you consider what your partner has given you and do your best when it comes to quality. Take a look at ongoing threads, already accepted apps, and get a feel of what goes on here. If you think this site could work for you, great! We heartily encourage everyone to try. We're not really that hard to please, so don't let this scare you away.

4. A site is only as good as its members, so be cool people, you guys. Don't up and leave without a trace and never come back. Don't be rude about other people's opinions or anything like that. Don't take a want ad and never finish it. Plot with people, be friendly, go nuts. Just don't be an ass. Drama in the cbox will not be tolerated. Similarly, if you have an issue with anyone or anything going on and need it brought to someone's attention, please shoot a staff member a PM. Do not mention it in the cbox.

5. Don't steal. This is an extremely serious matter, and action will be taken against you if we find it. If you've taken a code without permission someone else on the site created for themselves, you will be warned, and you will have to change whatever it is you used it for. If you've taken someone else's writing, whether it's a post or an application that can be proven as not your work, you will be IP banned. If it can't be proven or the accusations are false, don't worry, you're okay. So just avoid the mess altogether and don't steal!

6. We don't really care who you use as a face, but we'd rather you not people from DeviantArt or something or other internet-famous people. Try to keep it to actors, models, and musicians please. Basically if you can't find any professional photos, avoid using them. While we're on faces, by the way, no double faces unless they're actually twins. We don't care if the other person says it's okay. One face, one character.

7. We're not going to force you into a +/- age range with your faces (in fact we can't for certain species), but please take it into consideration. If we think your face cannot pull off the age you've put them at in a mortal/normally aging species, we will make you change either the face or the character's age, whichever you would rather do. Do not doubt us. That said, if they really do look extremely young (or old, in some cases, I guess), we might let them slide. There really are people out there who do not at all look their age, but this isn't about those cases. This is about the ones that don't look the age you're trying to put them as. We just really need you to know that if we don't think they work, then sorry, we will ask you to find somebody else. If you're not sure how to gauge this, we suggest a tried and true rule of thumb: -5/+5 years to the face's actual age. In cases of species that age more slowly, use some common sense and discretion. Consider the face's age and the age you want your character to be. An 18-year-old model likely would not pull off an 80-year-old witch. A 30-year-old however could maybe do it.

8. We don't allow characters under the age of sixteen. You may say they exist in your character's life or have a child under sixteen, whatever you want to do like that, but they will not be a playable character. This is out of respect to Jcink's TOS, because let's be real, there will be mature content. We don't want to get in any trouble. In all honesty, we shouldn't allow under eighteen, but we're reasonably lenient people.

9. Your avatar should be 275x400 pixels. There's an image spot in the hover code, so you really don't need a gif as your actual avatar. This spot will resize any inserted images to 190xanything. Signatures are definitely not required. You can have one if you want, but there's no pressure if you don't want to.

10. If you have to have sex then leave a warning in the title or description or something okay, because not everyone wants to see your kids bumping uglies (but some of us might), plus nobody wants to get in trouble with Jcink or anything for ~mature content. Just warn us. It's all good. When in doubt, fade to black. It's safe. Do this for mature violence as well.

11. Don't spam the cbox with ads and stupid crap. Or the forum for that matter. It seems silly to have to point out, I know, but I'm sure we've all been on a site where some guest is linking to their site in their name in the cbox. Don't.

12. For your first four characters, all you need is a thread up for each of them. These threads do not need to have replies to them. When you want your fifth and above, each character needs at least one recent post, after the date of acceptance of your last-made character. For example, if your fourth character was accepted January 1st, each character must have a post after January 1st before you can make your fifth. Remember, this requirement gets higher the more characters you have! If you're making an eighth, that's seven posts you need to account for since character number seven was accepted.

12.5. The staff does keep an eye on overall activity. If we are concerned with your character load and activity, we will PM you. This isn't meant to alarm you. We understand some people post slower than others, and maybe you're going through a rough time. If you receive a PM of this nature, we really just want to know if you're doing okay and to encourage you. As time passes, we may institute further activity policies to keep things moving, but this is it for now.

13. Try not to duplicate first names. It can get confusing and we want things to go as smoothly as possible. It's not too big a deal. Your application won't be pended because of someone else already having that name. This is just here to remind you not to let it get out of hand, you know? We don't need five of the same name running around. Differences in spelling are acceptable (Alicia and Alisha). Surname duplicates are okay as well.

14. You can only make one character at a time. We understand sometimes ideas are just so great you want to pounce on them right then, but finish what you start. If you change your mind on what you've started, please let a staffer know. If no one is notified and you have two apps up, the second will be pended until you tell us what you're doing with the first.

15. You have twelve days to finish an application once you've posted work. Twelve days is also the total number of days a face may be reserved, so it works out. If you fail to finish and want to keep working, contact a staff member. If not, we'll archive it.

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