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May 8th

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★ audley, catherine eleanor, royalty | nineteen | taylor momsen
 Posted: May 9 2014, 07:28 PM




catherine eleanor audley
catherine e. audley
april 3rd, 1995
snowfall, texas
taylor momsen
Background Information

Miss Catherine Audley is the daughter of the late George Audley, CEO of Audley Inc, and his late wife, Ellen of the Charleston Fitzgeralds. Both of her parents came from extremely wealthy, blue blooded families; the Audleys have resided in Snowfall since before it was a city and the ostentatiously large family mansion has been there equally long. She has an older brother, Theodore Audley, who is currently twenty-seven. Her parents were killed in a horrific car accident when Catherine was thirteen. She was left in the care of her older brother.

The Countdown

Ten Likes

Some of Catherine's favourite things are her baby grand piano, reading, flowers, her older brother, eating healthy, going for runs, tea, classical music, quiet nights at home, and her French bulldog, Atticus.

Nine Dislikes

Some of Catherine's least favourite things are heavy metal, cats, meeting new people, parties, high heels, junk food, disappointing people, public speaking, and surprises.

Eight Personality Traits

Catherine is often described as intelligent. When she graduated high school, she finished as first in her class. Catherine was asked to be valedictorian, but declined, as she has never been able to give a speech without fainting or bursting into tears. She was accepted early decision to Baylor University as an Economics major.

Catherine is incredibly shy. She has always had difficulties being able to speak to new people and making new friends. This is likely due to her the influence of her late mother and older brother, who were most responsible for raising her and were incredibly reserved themselves. Catherine's shyness is often misinterpreted as pride and arrogance because of her family's money and her own exceptional trust fund.

Catherine is quite naive. Her older brother, Theodore, is extremely protective of her and shields her from as much negativity as he can and keeps her from socializing with people who might influence her in an untoward manner.

Catherine is very sweet. Although she has a hard time getting to know people, she is incredibly kind to those that she can manage to speak to. Catherine is particularly conscientious of the happiness and wellbeing of those that she is close to. In addition, both her mother and older brother have always encouraged her to be involved in charities and perform volunteer work, which has resulted in her sweetness toward the poor.

Catherine is eager to please. She dislikes disappointing people, particularly her older brother. She feels quite indebted to the latter, since she was obliged to care for her at such a young age. This is a large part of the reason why she is studying Economics at Baylor, instead of pursuing her talent for playing the piano and studying to become a professional musician.

Catherine is musical. She was taught to play the piano by her mother at the age of three and has only grown in her talents from that time.

Catherine is a untrusting. She was taken of advantage of when she was only fifteen, which has made it difficult for her to trust people, particularly men. The sole exception to this is her older brother, who has always been there for her and continues to be her greatest supporter and protector.

Catherine is a bit vain. She cares quite extensively about her appearance and is never satisfied unless she is without hair out of place. Additionally, Catherine eats so particularly healthy that it is oftentimes unhealthy, as she oftentimes does not have enough to eat. She was obliged to come out as a debutante, due to the influence of her aunt, and is often present with her brother at various galas. Attending these events and seeing the appearance and thinness of the other debutantes has negatively affected Catherine's self esteem and perception of her own appearance.

Seven Hobbies

Some of Catherine's hobbies include playing the piano, reading, going for runs, spending time with her older brother, attending society events, caring for her French bulldog, Atticus, and studying for her university classes.

Six Memories

Although Catherine was only three years-old at the time, she vividly remembers her first, unofficial piano lesson. She remembers coming into her family's mansion's music room, where her mother was playing the piano, and climbing on to her lap. Catherine was only taught Twinkle, Twinkle that day, but she relished the chance to spend time with her one of her two most favourite people in the world and being the recipient of extensive of praise from said person. It sparked her desire to continue practicing and excelling at playing the instrument.

While Catherine has been on the receiving end of her brother, Theodore's, protection far too many times to count throughout her life, her first memory of his defending her was when she was five. Her father had been giving her trouble for some inconsequential thing or other, and thirteen year-old Theo had quite nobly come to her defence, even though it meant bringing his cold, reserved, and absentee father's anger upon himself.

One of the most unhappy times of Catherine's life was when her parents died in a tragic car accident when she was thirteen. Although Catherine was not close with her father, usually only seeing him once a week due to his work and other obligations, she was incredibly close with her mother, with whom she shared a special bond and a passion for music. It also resulted in her older brother becoming more distant, due to his inheriting the role of CEO of the family company and becoming the guardian of his younger sister, which made Catherine rather unhappy as well.

When Catherine was fifteen, she was invited by a couple of girls in the next year up to a party in a nearby city. Shy and uncomfortable, Catherine could not say no to these girls...or the inappropriate and unwanted sexual advances of a college boy who was in attendance at the party. Luckily for Catherine, her brother was in the city for business and came to rescue her from the party with the firing of a simple text. As a result of this boy's actions toward her, Catherine became shyer and has a hard time trusting men who are not her brother.

Catherine was practically forced by her paternal aunt, Beatrice Spencer (nee Audley), who resides in Austin, practically forced Catherine to have a coming out ball. She claimed that it would be a disgrace to the family and mentioned (in private) that it would be an embarrassment to her brother if she did not have one. Not wanting to be undutiful and not wanting to seem ungrateful to the brother that raised her from the time she was thirteen, Catherine agreed. Although she was not keen on the idea originally, being escorted by her brother at her coming out ball was the only time Catherine had ever felt truly beautiful and confident with herself.

Catherine was accepted early decision to Baylor University for Economics. Although she would have preferred to study piano at some music or other, Catherine is interested enough in the subject. In addition, her brother's pride in her, her acceptance, and prospects increased Catherine's warmth toward the subject and happiness at attending university for the subject. In addition, pretty much every Audley has attended Baylor since it opened in 1845. Catherine is happy to be able to continue the family tradition.

Five People

Ellen Audley, better known as Catherine's mother, is Catherine's most favourite person in the entire world next to her brother. The two share a special bond and passion for playing the piano. They were practically inseparable prior to Ellen's death. In addition, Catherine has always admired her mother's ladylike grace, kindness, and compassion, the latter of which inspired her to be so involved with charities in and around Snowfall.

Theodore Audley, better known as Catherine's older brother, is Catherine's greatest protector and acted as her guardian after their parents' died. He always made time for his sister when they were children, even though he is eight years older than her, and has always an open ear for her problems, no matter how insignificant or petty. Catherine admires his strength, his kindness, and his natural talent for business, which aided him extensively when he was obliged to take over Audley Inc. at only twenty-one years of age.

Atticus is Catherine's French bulldog. Her brother, Theo, gave Atticus to Catherine as a sixteenth birthday gift. Ever since, Atticus has been one of Catherine's most loyal companions and most trusted confidants.

George Audley, better known as Catherine's father, was one of the most fearsome individuals in Catherine's life. The cold, arrogant, and proud former CEO of Audley Inc. was always quite harsh toward his children...when he was at home. Most of the time, however, he was travelling for business and was away from home. Although his marriage to Ellen was believed to be one of convenience, when one watched the pair carefully, inklings of love and warmth could be seen on George Audley's face when he was in the presence of his wife.

Lawrence Edwards was the college boy who tried to take advantage of Catherine at a party in the nearby city when she was fifteen. He is the reason why she has difficulty trusting men, and why she is so much shyer and less confident than she could have been.

Four Habits

Catherine goes for a run every morning at 6 AM. She likes to maintain an athletic physique and healthy lifestyle. In addition, Catherine has always been a morning person. She is rarely able to stay up past twelve at the latest.

Whenever her brother goes on a date or appears to fancy a particular lady, Catherine is in the habit of questioning him endlessly about it and encouraging his romantic advances. Catherine has always wanted a sister and believes that Theo's obtaining a steady girlfriend is the best possible way to get one.

Catherine practices the piano for at least an hour each day. She enjoys doing the thing that she shared with her mother and does not wish to lose her ability to play the instrument by not practicing.

On the anniversary of her parents' deaths, Catherine and Theo visit their gravesides, and then spend the day watching black and white movies, which was one of the only things they ever saw their parents do together.

Three Goals

Catherine hopes to graduate from Baylor with good grades and eventually work for her family's company in some capacity.

She wishes to go to Vienna, Austria, so that she may visit the home of Mozart, who was her mother's favourite composer and is Catherine's favourite composer.

Catherine wishes for her brother to find someone that he might love. She worries about her reserved older brother who has never had a serious relationship and wants him to be happy.

Two Places

Catherine's favourite place in the entire world is her family's estate. Not only is it a grand old mansion, but it is also in possession of extensive, beautiful gardens, and a large forest that she loves to wander through and think things out.

Another one of Catherine's favourite places is the church near her home. It is in possession of one of the oldest and most beautiful pianos in the area. Although it is not so grand or well tuned as Catherine's own, she loves to visit the church to play it.

One Quote

In the words of Gandhi, "In a gentle way you can shake the world." Although Catherine is shy and not easy with people, she believes that she can have a positive impact on the world in her own way.

belle . eastern
 Posted: May 9 2014, 11:24 PM




This application is ready for review! :)
 Posted: May 9 2014, 11:32 PM




Welcome to Live Your Life Belle!

Your character has been accepted, so go on ahead and fill out the claims required which can be found in the registration board. Once you fill out your claims you can throw up your plot page so your char can have friends and enemies and lovers too! Then you can go ahead and put up some social media. Have fun and welcome again! If you have any questions pm one of the admins and we'll help you out!

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