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setting: april/may

late spring is in season and fields are covered in flowers of all different hues. the air is warming up though there are still going to be some heavy rainstorms littering about but those will probably show up as the sun sets.

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May 8th

Live Your Life is officially open to the public so feel free to register and snoop around. Welcome guesties and all~ If you have any questions please direct them towards the admins.

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★ you were born and raised to be a southern belle, 19 | royalty | taylor momsen
 Posted: May 10 2014, 11:04 PM




miss catherine audley


catherine eleanor audley is the daughter of george audley, former CEO of audley inc. and his wife, ellen. she has an older brother, theodore, who is eight years older than her and the current CEO of audley inc. catherine's parents passed away when she was thirteen. the audley family has resided in snowfall since before it was a city and the family's extremely large mansion and grounds has been there equally as long. catherine is often described as intelligent, shy, eager to please (especially her older brother), untrusting, and vain (by those who misinterpret her shyness as pride about her family's wealth). she is a economics major at baylor university, the alma mater of pretty much every audley past. catherine commutes to the uni daily. her hobbies include reading, playing the piano (which she might have studied at uni were it not for family tradition), caring for her french bulldog atticus, performing charity work, attending society events, and spending time with her older brother, with whom she is very close, and who has and will always be her greatest protector. catherine has a bit of a self-esteem issue with regard to her appearance, which has led to her not eating properly and running a bit overmuch at times. due to an issue in her past, catherine is more nervous around men who are not her family than she is around any new people due to her shyness.

catherine would not have an overabundance of friends, both due to her own shyness and her older brother's overprotectiveness. however, individuals who understand her shyness and try to bring her out of her shell would earn the title of catherine's friend. she would probably have a fair number of enemies, as many people mistake her shyness for pride and arrogance. catherine is open with regard to romances, but it would take quite a bit of work on the part of her suitor to overcome her shyness, mistrust of men, and overprotective older brother.

more info about catherine may be found in her app here

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 Posted: May 11 2014, 12:03 AM




Hunter || Catherine

Seeing as how they're the same age and both have been living in Snowfall since before it blew up into a big city these two would've at least run into each other one time or another. Most likely they went to school together and maybe Hunter was nice to her back then, he's rather protective as well so if he see's her in a uncomfortable situation nine times out of ten he would've been there to back her up. Anyways as they would've gotten older Hunter would most likely dislike how she did everything that her family wanted her in a certain way. He doesn't like the idea of having to do what other people think he should. Anyways this is all my brain is allowing me so trash or add anything you want. Also welcome to LYL thanks for joining!

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